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Building A Pro Team

Creator: Ruben
March 16, 2012 9:13pm
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Hello my name is Ruben and im looking to join a pro team/making a pro team.

Im a very good player and i can play all rolls.

I play with a friend of mine all the time, we trying to go pro.

we pratice 8 am to 9 pm monday - friday and talk strategy on the weekends.

If you are looking for good players on ur team, or if ur good and want to go join a pro team, message me under Rubenski on LOL my friends name is Blood Armor.

we are both good dedicated players, message me if interested.

Gl and Hf!

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You can give my team a try it's called JannaMIA lol Were 3-3 for 5v5 with a rating of like 1020 and were 3-0 on 3v3 with no rating yet. Were on just about all day with the exception of those who go to school and work. We like to have fun but we also take the game seriously. If you want to give us a try add JMia Scene or JMiaPanties
Check out my youtube channel:
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