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BushDivers 1v1 tournament 50$ RP prize!

Creator: Fantasmagore July 24, 2012 10:22pm
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Jul 15th, 2012
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Bushdivers 1v1 tournament
As stated in the earlier post here it is the BushDivers 1v1 Tournament. We hope to have more tournaments in the future and provide you all will quality ones at that. We would love any feed back that you guys can offer for future tournaments. This tournament will be streamed. We will more then likely do this Friday during the show times. The map will be Summoners Rift
We will be using a modified version of the TSM firstblood 1v1 tournament rules.


· If First Blood does not occur, either summoner may win the game by destroying the enemy's second tower of the mid lane.
- The matches shall be 1v1, in middle lane, jungle and both bases.
- Matches are going to be single elimination, you lose one round you're out.
- Semi-Finals, and Grand-Final rounds will be best of 3.
- Each summoner have 4 champion bans every match.
· Champion bans will take place in the pre-game lobby with the top (or left hand) summoner of the bracket starting first and banning in a 1-2-2-2-1 order.
· Banned champions stay banned for each match (i.e. Champions banned at the start of game one stay banned throughout all games.
· Bans can ONLY change between rounds (new opponents).
· Beginning at Semi-Finals, each game will have new bans and picks (final 8)
· From the Semi-Finals on, each summoner will only have 30 seconds between each ban and pick. If either summoner fails to ban in time, they lose the ban.

Additional Match Rules:

· If a player picks a banned champion, that player loses the game.
· If teams are uneven for any reason the match MUST be restarted before either summoner attacks a minion.
· Going into top and bottom lane is not allowed.
· Manipulation of creeps in midlane is permitted such as Sona, Aegis of the Legion etc. However, manipulation of creeps in other lanes is not allowed, neither is farming them.
· There are no restrictions on the jungle creeps including the Dragon (no Baron Nashor).
· There is no restriction on use of Recall.
· Only spectators are allowed to stop minion waves in top and bottom lanes from pushing towers
· Banned items: Guardian Angel, Wriggle's Lantern, Madred's Razor (no ban on, Madreds Blood Razor) Banned summoner spells: 1) Spectator - CV's and Fortify, 2) Players - Revive, Teleport, Fortify

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