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Champion idea that is actually partially...

Creator: Lazukin March 29, 2012 11:58pm
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Jan 20th, 2011
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Well, after a bit of talking with the creator of this while Montag was in the room, it turns out that RiotMontag really liked the idea and would support it if the creator could get community support. I really liked his champion design, so I decided to try to help him.

If this gets enough upvotes, a modified version may appear in the game. Montag said he would aim it closer to Lee Sin/Leona most likely.

Anyway, hopefully you can help this guy out, it looks cool to me and it would be nice to have a community-contributed champion other than Volibear.

MOBAFIRE thread:

GD thread:


P.S. Remember not to vote based on balance, but on concept (unless a concept itself causes balance issues) as the numbers definitely would be tweaked as Riot does with all champions.

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The Overmyynd
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Feb 16th, 2012
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Yeah, alright, i could see that concept. Looks like basically an uuber tank mage support... Of course alot of the specifics would have to be revamped (9% total HP to cast the ult is a bit much) but i could see him as a cross between Lulu, Vladimir, Mord, and a bit of Fiora too.... Very strange concept, but there have been stranger (e.g., Udyr and his "stances"). I think its funny that his passive gives him (sort of) built in Thornmail AND Sunfire Cloak. I think they should make a special buy upgrade option like Viktor, whether the player wants to upgrade the Sunfire half for better farming or the Thornmail half for more champ punishment. Just a thought. Upvoted, i would like to see the players get more involved in champ creation.
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Nov 2nd, 2010
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Nice work, you put a lot of thought behind it, but every spell is totally overburdened with different kinds of effects, you should try to defuel them.

Some are already totally overpowered by the sheer number of effects.
Not to mention that you add so many effects that they start to work against each other and some aren't even needed on him (he's an AP tank, right?)

For example:
- Drop AS/Crit and Ar/MR-reduce on "Whipe".
- Drop the shield on "Install seed" or muck out the effects while being active on the enemy. (Better: Do both)
- Also "Bloody Tempest" too **** strong. What about that passive? He dies and everyone around will be instantly affected by his "Poisounous blood" dealing 4% of his max Hp each sec(since he's dead) on everyone for at least 2secs?
-"Forgotten paradise"....? Pls.. 4000 range? And everyone will take dmg while moving and standing? Also gets an instant death with 9%???

After all the idea and the atmosphere is good, it will result in a different kind of Amu/Singed.

But you


exaggerate on the details

Ack, sry misread it, thought it was your idea.
Reposted it.

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