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Dammit I need to run and hide next time.

Creator: Aftaashawk
July 2, 2012 1:35am
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Well if you guys have played long enough you would have encountered a chase where you could not get away and instead, died because you did not escape. Well fear not. After you have read this you will be literally a ninja.

Okay so first things first, you must know where you are going and you are confident and you'll see how this will affect where you are going. Knowing where you are going on the map is important.

My method of escaping is basically running like a d*ckhead in the jungle. So basically what you want to do is avoid the enemy/enemies and if you are using Jax and there are wards nearby it would be best to escape using that.

If you are on lane try to escape using the bushes as your advantage. If I am ever chased I always use a method called RHRK or RHRH. (Run hit run kill) or (Run hit run hit). I usually use this method when there are a few or at least one team mate around to help me.

RHRK or RHRH can be easily done by being ranged like Teemo as he can use his mushrooms and use his Binding dart. If you didn't understand what I just wrote here's an example.

Enemy walks onto mushrooms.
Teemo turns back - Binding dart-
Teemo continues running
Enemy no longer slowed
Continues chasing Teemo.

Okay so another method is running into the bushes, and as the enemy runs into the bush run out. Result - Troll.

I did this in the little bush and the large bush (If you get what I mean ;D) up where the mid lane is and where Baron is. I was running in and out of the bushes for at least 20 seconds as the bushes were next to each other. I finally died when the rest of the team came and ks'ed Fizz

If you are in the jungle another method could be flashing as the Jungle walls aren't big. Don't use it unless you know you're going to die.

Lee Sin Can use his Q which will hit a minion in the jungle well bascially any enemy. A few games ago I used his Q on some Wraths and got away. You must always be quick if you are in a situation.

Remember to B in a safe place where you are positive where no one will come a beat the sh*t out of you :)

Also remember, Think fast. :)

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Not only are these simple tips, but they are kinda well known. Especially your RHRH thing. It's called "kiting" to most people.

A lesser known escape secret is the invisible spot in blue side's red buff. If you stand in the enclosure, above the bush, you are almost completely invisible unless someone walks into the actual camp. No idea if this is the same on purple side though.
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Escape like a baws :)
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With Amumu, there's the obvious choice of using Q to escape over a wall via Jungle creeps. That has saved my life many times, however has also been the death of me as I was LOW HEALTH at those times and was finished off by blue/red/golem.

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