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Does anyone feel their games are ruined by...

Creator: fraudsta_922 April 4, 2024 4:06pm
fraudsta_922's Forum Avatar
Apr 4th, 2024
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I've been floating between gold 1-3 for a few months after returning to the game after a long break. I'm not the best, and I'm not the worst, but I certainly don't "feed" in games, rarely die over 6 times in a match and normally float between 1-4 deaths over a 20-30 minute match and, as arbitrary as it may be, normally earn A - S+ rankings and 1-3 honors.

I don't want to complain and understand the importance of focusing on my own gameplay, and trying to be as productive as I can within my role (mostly mage support or mid). However, it is nearly impossible to win games where your teammates are just walking around aimlessly all game, don't pay attention to the map at all and ignore all objectives, etc.. I'm sure everyone can relate to having someone like that in a match.

I feel like a large majority of players don't have even a basic understanding of 'macro,' or in gold 3 basically paying attention to spawn timers in early/mid game and watching the minimap to roam to plays on time. But beyond the scarce zombie players that have no clue what they're doing in the game, there are also many more actual bot players than before. I feel like both bad players, and true bots, have made most matches completely unplayable lately.

For example, I had a miss fortune not use her ult 1 time in a match. Looking at her match history, she was plat 1 in Flex, and then had recently lost nearly every single soloqueue match she had played besides maybe 3 out of her last 30 matches.

Riot doesn't moderate the player that quite literally has lost 27/30 matches in Gold soloqueue while sitting at plat 1 in flex. Riot doesn't actually moderate intentional feeders or bad players ruining all their ranked matches, so I have recently fallen from Gold II 94 LP to Gold IV 0 LP, about to fall to silver.

In my matches my KDA's are solid and I put in good effort to rotate to fights, help teammates not die and win fights/objectives, etc. and my games go pretty well most of the time for 3-4 out of 5 players. But there's always one it seems who just runs in and goes 1/12 or 3/21 over the match, and it's not really possible to come back from the giant gold leads and side lane pressure that it gives the enemy team. Especially in gold/silver elo as support when sometimes people won't even rotate to catch waves in mid game lol ...

All that to say, has anyone been noticing this too? I wish Riot would actually moderate their game, it would be really fun this season if over half my matches weren't determined by literal bots and feeders that are allowed to just ruin every single match they play....
jameshirth's Forum Avatar
May 22nd, 2024
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@slope game
No, I don't think that. But i also hope Riot can realize and moderate their game.

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