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Does Kayn already need to be nerfed?

Creator: Last Glow July 3, 2017 1:39pm
Last Glow
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Jul 3rd, 2017
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I feel as though Kayn's Q does wayyy too much damage especially as an early jungler. He's able to clear rapters and red buff at a ridiculous speed and to top his Q off, it has a fairly low cooldown. Also, the amount of regen he gets from going though walls is kinda disgusting. His W is not only a slow but a knockup. Lastly, his ult makes him temporarily invicible since he goes inside the target. It's almost impossible to escape him and he does crazy damage. I love his playstyle but I feel like he has to be nerfed at least a little bit.
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Jul 29th, 2017
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Well, to be honest this is a very hard to answer question. I really don't play jungle so I cannot judge him from my playstyle but from my teamfights and enemy's. On the beggining most kayn's were going to the darkin form due to his high HP and Life regen (tank form). He had a very good survability and yet he was doing great damage since I see most kayn's to be early game opportunists and use their E's to pick up easy tower dive kills when you are low HP. If they fed they will be mostly strong and there is a high probability that you will lose the game. However since last patch the shadow assasin form as been buffed a little bit and so he is doing tons of damage but since people are using mostly this form they are a lot more squishy. What I can say is that, it's not as easy as before to carry the game, but he can probably 1vs1 everyone.
So to conclude, I probably admit that he should eventually be nerfed a little bit, however the success of kayn depends a lot on who is playing it (this might seem obvious but...). I've seen tons of kayn's that can't have a good performance so if they have a bad early game they will not be good in late at all.

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