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ESEA poll for new RTS/MOBA game

Creator: rotinegg October 21, 2012 11:08pm
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Oct 21st, 2012
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Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums. Although this post is related to LoL, I'm not exactly sure where this post should go. I thought I should let you guys know in any case, so pardon me if this is the wrong place to post this.

I come from Teamliquid, a Starcraft forum. I've been part of it since 2009 and lurked for many more years. I was browsing TL today, and found a thread advocating members to go vote for this poll that ESEA is hosting to decide which RTS/MOBA to have in the spring season. Although I come from a Starcraft background, there are already too many SC2 leagues around the globe, and quite frankly they have been stagnating over the last year. However, people have been voting just so they can show that SC2 is not dead. Originally, LoL and Dota2 were ahead of SC2 by a large (a couple thousand votes) margin before word got out.

TL members have a very strong sense of community, and we occasionally mobilize for important causes that could aid in the development of the SC e-sports scene. I have had no problems with it in the past, because I believed most were motivated by legitimate reasons. This one, however, irks me because if Starcraft wins this poll, I can guarantee there will be less than a thousand viewers tuning in on average to watch ESEA leagues.

Most of the Starcraft fans have never even heard of ESEA before this thread got started. As stated above, there are already many, many leagues and streams of famous SC players duking it out that people just won't have the time or will to watch ESEA leagues. I think it would reflect poorly on our community if Starcraft actually won this poll, and then nobody gave a **** when the season actually started.

The LoL community has been booming and the growth hasn't been slowing down. Although I am not very familiar with the community, people, or at least my friends, who play LoL, seem to be happy and genuinely love playing the game casually. I think at this point in time, LoL has a lot more to gain from having a new league established under its name, and that's why I wanted to let you guys know about this poll.

I am in no way affiliated with ESEA, nor am I an avid fan of LoL. Nor do I hate Starcraft. I just believed fans of LoL could benefit from knowing about this, and didn't want this to paint a poor image of the Starcraft community. I googled 'Best League of Legends Forum', found Mobafire, and made a new account just so I could post this. Please let me know if this is inappropriate; I will take the thread down. Here's the link to the poll:
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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if youre looking for other people that play LoL you should go to the forums too

two websites that are for LoL
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