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Creator: Sheepyamon July 27, 2010 11:38pm
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Jul 7th, 2010
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Im wondering, this whole rateing system could use a revamp imo!
when downrating a build you should need to write an explaination till why you downrate it.
New and viable builds are put up every day, and id be darn if not people who use the guides regularly downrate them cuz they found a guide which suited them better then downrate anythign they dont seem to be able to use?

Ask yourself these things:

1. Is it a good valid reason to downrate if it doesnt work for you?
2. Is it any reason to downrate if the build doesnt work for you?
3. Its ment to be a guide, inwhich it should be rated as such(is it indept, explaining and helpfull for the majority of players dont downrate unless you have a very viable reason, like the build is waaay of hand like AD for evelynn, pure health for malzahar or stuff like that)

i dont care much about ratings but it makes a big impressions here it seems when a build gets downrated just cuz someone thinks it fun not giving any explaination why they do such, and neclecting that this build might in the future becoime VERY viable u will have to read through 100guides to find just this one!

Be open minded while rateing, things will change in this game making other builds viable.

Please read this and understand the meaning of it!
Ive read ALL the top builds from both Alahric, HeAt, Dewo and the rest, and they get minus rate for no reason, or no valid reason as i could see as there are no comments about the downrating, my builds got +votes thats fine, but got minuses aswell, im new here and know i might not be such a GREAt editor or guide maker but im getting there!! :o
(hopefully in time)

Editing guides and adding things daily, people who put time into their guides should get acknowledge for this imo, not neglected like it seems 75% of the people here gets :p

anyhow that was my 2cents!

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Feb 15th, 2010
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check your other topic for response.
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