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[Hardware]LoL Game Pad

Creator: efache April 11, 2012 6:03am
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Apr 11th, 2012
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You might be using League of Legends since a long time in the normal way but did you know that you can customize your keyboard to your needs? You can smartcast, you can change the shortcuts, you can be more reactive. Phew... There are lots of things which you can do with the new “LoLPad”.

So this tutorial will help you in fully customize a simple number pad to fit with LoL. So tighten your seat belts and get ready for our journey.

What could you expect with this tutorial?

A simple “LoLPad”…

A funny “LoL Pad”…
I'm trying to find a way to say miss pushing a key, this function is WIP...

Tips : my pad already got a TAB key. It's great because TAB can't be reassigned in LoL...

1st step :

Plug your new pad to your computer (it should be plug-and-play)
If you have some issues, refer to the user’s guide.

2nd step

This is time to set up your configuration.
There is 2 ways to do it:

1st - Do it in LoL:

1. Launch a custom game.
2. Press ESC > Key binding
3. Bind each action to your pad's key.
4. Save your configuration

2nd - Copy my input.ini file:

You will find it in [PATH] \League of Legends\Config
[GameEvents] evtSmartCastSpell1=[Num.],[z] evtSmartCastSpell2=[Num3],[x] evtSmartCastSpell3=[Num6],[c] evtSmartCastSpell4=[Num9],[v] evtSmartPlusSelfCastSpell2=[<Unbound>] evtPlayerAttackMove=[b] evtShowCharacterMenu=[<Unbound>] evtChatHistory=[<Unbound>] evntPlayerPingCursorDanger=[<Unbound>] evtOpenShop=[;] evtUseItem7=[Back] evtCameraSnap=[`] evtOnUIMouse4Pan=[<Unbound>] evtPlayerStopPosition=[<Unbound>] evtCastAvatarSpell1=[<Unbound>] evtCastAvatarSpell2=[<Unbound>] evtSmartCastAvatarSpell1=[Num+] evtSmartCastAvatarSpell2=[Num-] evtUseItem1=[1] evtUseItem2=[2] evtUseItem3=[3] evtSmartCastItem1=[Num2] evtSmartCastItem2=[Num5] evtSmartCastItem3=[Num8] evtUseItem6=[6]

3rd step:

To customize yourself your own “LoLPad”, read the following steps, or go to the 4th step for the full psd.
1. Measure the size of the keys.
2. Create a new document of the same size.
3. Choose a background. I've chosen a color relative to my keypad.
4. Type/Paste whatever you want into the boxes

You can be creative here. C/C your favorite char's Q, W, E, R, summoner spells’ pic...
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Feb 8th, 2011
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Or, you could just use your normal keyboard.

It's cheaper and it works. It also allows you to type messages a lot easier. No extra hand movement required other than normal typing.

Also, if you only have 3 item keys, it makes it kinda hard for me to play support. 5/6 of my items are actives and I don't have the time to click it. :P

Thank you to jhoijhoi for the sig, and all the dividers in the guide.

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Jan 25th, 2011
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That "call miss" buttom could be changed. I'd love to have a "kick player" buttom (people still cry when you don't call miss, why?)

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