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Help me this is too much

Creator: AL zokom January 28, 2023 1:28am
AL zokom
AL zokom's Forum Avatar
Mar 18th, 2022
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I have just been subjected to a planned malicious trolling from a coordinated duo and I am making this post because the reporting system will not work and will not give justice to what happened.

my account name is Al3Zair in my last match a support and bot duo of bard and syndra suddenly before entering the game took smite both of them.

As soon as the game started they proceeded to taunt the team in chat and proceeded to emote in front of my red stealing all my camps by smite and syndra carrying camps away by her abilities making sure I can not even try to contest MY CAMPS FROM MY OWN BOT AND SUPPORT.

During the game bard and syndra never went bot causing the enemy bot to play solo game all game take all towers and inhibs ending the game

they voted no on all surrender votes holding us hostage in this game

And with all that going on THEY kept taunting us in chat insulting us and in all chat proceeded to fake racial slurs against us.

Do you know what pissed my the most knowing the other team was happy with this and knowing they will never report them with us and that our reports will LEAD TO NO results because the report system is a popularity contest not a factual one.

RIOT do you think I as a player will ever report trolls on the other team or any player that this happened to if the trolls that have done this to me do not get permanently banned?
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Dec 3rd, 2016
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Its part of the game, i know u are mad but try to improve your mental by muting and playing your best. Thats only u can do. Cheers.

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