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Hey, I'm Tina(lyra) :) EU-west mainly, looking...

Creator: Tinasylvanas March 16, 2013 9:41am
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Mar 16th, 2013
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Hey, fellow summonerssss ! :) I play on EU West main and EU nordic and east smurf. But you can never get enough smurfs! And EU on WoW.
My name is Tina, but I go by "Tinalyra" as a gamingnick, kinda hyjal-inspired (alyra/aryla) and my first name.. yeah!
And Im from Norway! Sometimes I stream too; CLICK HERE
And I have a stupid facebook page dedicated for gaming information and where I can talk to my gamerfriends and stuff to keep contact easily, cause I dont want everyone on my personal profile^^


So, lets start with the reason Im here. When I started playing LoL about a 18 months ago, I was told to use this site for guidance, for tips on the champions I played, and what to build and stuff, I guess the people who got me into playing LoL got tired of me asking all these questions while in-game.

I looked for forums where I could discuss gaming and meet new people to play with, and I noticed this tab here, yo! When I played runescape, club penguin and.... habbo(:<) as a ten to twelve-yearold, I was this huge forum addict, maybe I'll get there again, I remember I thought it was soooo fun, but then again, I was twelve....

Aaaand the stories of how I got into this mess of gaming!
My father worked for coca-cola and as a playstation "shipper" (Putting a chip in them so they can play burned CDs) my whole childhood, so I grew up sitting in my leopard-printed beanbag with a steeringwheel and pedals playing Burnout, drinking cola, as a six yearold. Moved on to Nintendo DS playing New Super Mario Bros, I did all the worlds on my own, and was so proud when my brother of two years older needed help. #likeaboss

I'm really much of a "challenge accepted" kinda person. I was at LANs because my brother was in a crew leading one, and was offered a bet to reach 80 at World of Warcraft. Hells to the yeah, I got there. With many funneh stories on my way.

Like that time I wanted boost in Ragefire Chasm, and the dude said he would do it if he got the greens. In the instance, drastically trying to find "greens", I started trading him grays Ooze-stuff. Awkward.
And when someone wanted me to sign a guildcharter... Totally thought I was giving away my autograph.

Started as a mage, and mained it to 4.2 Firelands, where I was in a guild and raided 4-5 times a week, was serverfirst to Ragnaros Heroic, and I was in the top 1,4% with my mage! But I quit, because it was really taking over, I dedicated my full time to it, so I took a break, rehabilitating with the leveling of 14 lvl 85s in like 2 months, where I learned everything about PvP (before MoP messed everything up:( ) And I got tired of PvE, still thinks its boring, now I just play casually because I dont really like MoP, and I dont like leveling that much even, yet I have probably around 20 lvl 80s/85s/90s now, its nice if I have some time left I wanna waste:D But now I prioritize LoL.

So over to LoL, figuring this forum is mostly about that..
One of my first games, I had to afk (Damn me...) so when I got back I was way underleveled, and playing Fiddlesticks, I went to get this huge pile of minions to gather some exp, and I wanted to do it fast to get my Rabadon, so I ulted them..... I am still bullied to be the one who "ulted 4 minions as fiddle" Damn how they twist it! Okay, lets not give you this really bad first impression of my LoL skills.
I play Akali anytime I can, love that ***** to pieces, hahaha, have gotten probably 7 or 8 penta's with her now, and I love playing her if I play with friends who has a low amount of win's or are low lvls, then I just carry the whole game. I guess my ingame confidence is way cocky, I mean, I'm a sweet girl, I probably scare my friends when I flame the **** out of people, or get really, and I mean really, competitive. But luckily I have a IRL passive which lets me stay calm and understand that I earn more from staying calm and focus more when most people would get mad and/or probably rage, and I dont give up until it's REALLY no point of finishing. I mean, I've seen horrible games turn around, it's never over;D I play Mid/ADC main, sometimes support because that is what I was forced to play when I began, "because I was a girl" lol, dont underestimate my mindblowing skills. I usually just tell people who lay on to me because I game, that I dont care if he thinks I'm pretty, only thing that matters is if I play decent(for me=excellent) because I hate when girl's just use that theyre a girl in games, and I dont understand that boys want to play with them even, when the usual scenario is that theyre a superbad players and just break out in "oooh no what happened omg am i dead now hehehehehee teehe" they make me look bad, because I actually take gaming super seriously. Too seriously, maybe:(

But the people I used to adore because they were "so pro" are noobs to me now, by far, and as much as I like owning every normal game and dominion and elohell game, I wanna take a step further. I got the time, I got the dedication, I GOT THE POWAAAAH.

And yeah, I wanna get to know more people! so many interesting gaming peeps, and just ask me any question on here og my facebook page or anything:D Or add me ingame x) Eu nordic and east: Tinalyra EU west: Kvestina

TLDL; "hey tina, do you ever sleep?"
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Jan 16th, 2012
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Team up with Jovana, she doesn't sleep either.

See you later, armadillos! Unless I see you first!

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