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How is banning allied pick still possible? (and...

Creator: Cimcia February 16, 2024 2:29pm
Cimcia's Forum Avatar
Feb 4th, 2024
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I thought the purpose of prepicks is to show your teammates what they should expect you to pick so they can change ther picks if they want to create a better team comp as well as avoid banning the prepicked champions. What i experience tho is that people ban champions prepicked by their teammates, which resoults in a lot of toxicity throughout the game and lost game for the team, where one person is forced to play a champion they didn't want to play. On the other hand there are no positive aspects of people banning allied prepicks that i know of.
My recent experience:
I have seen it happen to other people and experienced it myself multipe times, especially recently as i started playing Smolder. I am a support main and that is where the vast majority of my champion pool is, but recently i got into Smolder, so i queue as adc as my first role and first pick Smolder every game with 80% winrate so far on the champion (16-4). While i have other adc champions in case enemy team bans Smolder, i am much worse at them than an actual adc main of the same rank. But then the unexpected happens; my own team bans Smolder in response to seeing me prepick it (not accidently nor, because "enemy team could get it") and i am forced to play with a giant disadventage. I experienced this, while playing support as well, but not nearly as often. My own team bans my prepick more often than enemy team bans or first picks it combined. I also experienced this behaviour in other games (HOTS) and i can't comperhand how apparently it is intended for players to be able to ban their teammates prepicks and it not being a reportable offense.
Cranberrycc's Forum Avatar
Feb 21st, 2024
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Hey Cimcia,

I wanted to share my recent experiences with prepicks and get your thoughts on the matter. From my understanding, prepicks are meant to allow teammates to coordinate and create better team compositions. However, I've noticed that some players are banning prepicked champions, even when it doesn't benefit the team.

Recently, as I've been playing Smolder with success in the ADC role, my own team has banned Smolder after seeing my prepick. This puts me in a tough spot as it's not my primary role, and I have other ADC champions but I'm not as proficient with them. This has led to some frustrating situations and, unfortunately, losses for the team.

I've also seen this happen to other players, not just in my games but in other games like HOTS as well. I'm struggling to understand how this fits into the intended use of prepicks and whether there should be consequences for players who ban their teammates' prepicks without valid reasons.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you experienced similar situations, and how do you think it could be addressed to improve the overall experience for players?

Looking forward to hearing your perspectives.

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