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I'm completely new, any tips?

Creator: xX_Whorelord_Xx July 7, 2023 6:46am
xX_Whorelord_Xx's Forum Avatar
Jul 7th, 2023
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Hello, I am looking to play this game with my friends and I have never played a MOBA before aside from EoS in Starcraft. What kind of advice would you have for a new player - which role, what champion, etc? I'm looking for your personal opinions, I will of course also read guides and such.

How much time do you think it would take me to catch up to my friends? I'm an ok RTS player, they play the game casually and are in silver league, I understand that is not considered very good, right?

Are there any general things about etiquette I should know? Is a vulgar name like my username considered to be blasphemous or is it fine? Is the trash talk really as excessive in this game as I've heard?

Thank you for the input.
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Apr 26th, 2017
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First of all, Welcome!!! :D
Glad to see a brand new recruit on this sinking ship xd
Jokes aside though, League is an awesome game and can be a lot of fun. My number one advice to you would be, not to let other players ruin your day. League can be an extremely toxic experience, people will put you down, flame you and be mean all around. So I suggest you to just ignore them and not let random jerks corrupt your good time :)

Other than that, just play champions that you think look cool. Make sure you test a lot of different ones via Free champion rotation - so you get to know which ones you like & don't like. Install some 3rd party application that will help you with items, runes & stuff - to make LoL a little less overwhelming. If you wish to learn how to play a certain champion that you like, a little more in-depth, make sure you check our awesome site again.

About your name... well... it is quite dangerous. I'm afraid you'd eventually be forced to change it due to reports you would receive - if League would even allow you to register with such name in the first place. So I suggest changing to something a bit less aggressive :D When it comes to the etiquette - yeah this is very important - please by all means try to be nice to others :D Don't ruin others' day just because you have a bad one yourself. Positivity is the greatest power a League player can posses - it's shame barely anyone is using it.

Silver rank indeed isn't considered to be very high :D But hey, who even cares - as long as you're having fun. I mean you see an Iron border around my profile, right? The lowest rank in the game - and I've been playing for 7 years :D Also the majority of all League players don't even surpass gold division ever in their lives - so the rank is the last thing you should care about right now :D

Other than that I think I don't have much more advice to give. Honestly, the beauty lies in exploring it all by yourself. So in case you'd forget - remember that League is just a game - and its purpose is to make you have fun - so have it :D And I wish you a lot of luck and love on the rift! <3

Thanks to jhoi for the sig

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