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Is Horizon Focus relevant in s12?

Creator: Klicky January 23, 2023 8:08pm
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Jan 23rd, 2023
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How good do you think Horizon Focus is on any champion? My view on it has always been it being a bad Shadowflame competitor, but i don't know. Is there a situation where this item is chosen specifically? Why would anyone take it instead of literally anything else?
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Jan 15th, 2022
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With the recent buff in 13.1 I think its actually quite a good item. The best item to compare to is shadowflame, it gives -50hp, and -10 to20 mpen, in exchange for 15 abt haste + 10% dmg increase and vision of enemy. Obviously u only want to use it on people that can proc it reliably well. But 10% increase gets more value the more dmg u have, so later on it is a better buy compared to shadowflame (where it is actually kinda bad late game as its flat mpen and not %). Also CDR is great for many mages. Also mpen only works on magic dmg (duh), but with champs like lillia and velkoz, they dont want to take shadowflame. I liked liandries --> horizon on vel even in s12. Lillia i would sometimes see with something like liandries --> rylais--> horizon in s12 as well (although more niche when u wanted rylais).

But some champs I think its good on: ap kaisa, ap shyvana, ziggs, velkoz, maybe xerath/lux (not as good as these are a bit more oneshot focused and less about spamming abts), orianna, maybe azir/seraphine, etc.

Also the reveal on the item is actually quite underrated vs some enemies.

In general:
horizon: vs tanks/high mr, for cdr/reveal/true dmg champs
shadowflame: oneshot

do note: i havent tested it that much so its mostly conjecture
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