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It's Gosu is hiring for League of Legends staff.

Creator: redmagejr January 21, 2012 9:18am
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Oct 24th, 2011
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League of Legends

Since its launch two years ago, League of Legends has been played by more than 15 millions players-- an absolutely enormous number already, and the game shows no sign of slowing down! With Riot fronting a $5 million prize pool for the second season, the LoL community only looks to get bigger with every passing day... and want YOU to be a part of it all!

Articles Writer: isn't just focused on producing news concerning our teams... we want to produce content that serves, entertains, and concerns the international eSports scene as a whole. An Article's Writer will need to be a driven individual looking to dive deep into what makes eSports tick, and willing to prove their passion by providing in depth analysis and articles to serve the community of their chosen game.

Typical published articles include preview and recap articles for major tournaments, “survival kit” postings which assemble all relevant information of a tournament or event into one place, analysis articles of relevant statistics or trends, as well as “big picture” news articles, which encapsulate larger trends in eSports apart from typical news releases. No opinion writers are needed, and all articles produced must be of non-biased, non-opinion based journalistic quality.

Coverage Writer:
The growth of eSports in 2011 was truly remarkable, and that growth is likely to continue into 2012. There are dozens of major tournaments for every major game, and millions of fans aching to have those tournaments brought through heavy hitting analysis and timely, in depth coverage. This is what coverage writing is all about-- taking on a beat and producing content to serve, educate, and inform the eSports community. From MLG, to IPL, to GSL, to DreamHack and beyond, the world of eSports needs coverage, and we need you to write it!

Throughout the year of 2011, It's Gosu produced dozens upon dozens of interviews with the biggest names in eSports. We consider it a privilege to serve the eSports community, and want to things to the next level by serving non-English speakers, as well. We are looking for translators capable of writing fluently in both English and:

- Chinese
- French
- German
- Korean
- Russian
- Swedish

Interested in working with It's Gosu? Apply right away!

Following its launch in 2010, It’s GoSu e-Sports has improved tirelessly, growing month after month. Now, we're looking to grow our staff!

We are looking for motivated and dedicated people with a passion for e-Sports to help us improve our website by sharing that passion and their knowledge with the world!
f you believe there's a place for you within It's Gosu, please email your application to with the following information:

Your full name:

Your age:

Your nationality:

Your current location:

The languages you can speak fluently:

The game(s) for which you wish to write:

The position(s) for which you wish to apply:

Your e-Sports history (if you do not have any, please tell us why we should pick you and why you think you would do well within our organization):

Examples of your past work (can be anything relevant to your applied-for position):

Explain in a few sentences why you wish to join us:

How often can you work for It’s GoSu:

Your contact (MSN, Skype, Facebook, QQ, mIRC):

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