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Just released a new app for LoL (iPhone and iPad)

Creator: PieAppsDevelopment March 21, 2013 5:22pm
Mar 21st, 2013
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Here's the description, we need some feedback ^^

★ Search your favorite players of League of Legends and get tons of information ★

Insta LoL is an amazing app that allows you to check the Mastery and Rune pages of any player, see his in-game status, and discover the opponents he is facing off.

Also, you'll be able to save your favorite players and see a list of the current pro teams and their players.

Don't hesitate to post your ideas or contact us using the support feature inside the app.

• Player search engine
• Supported regions: NA, EUW, EUNE and BR
• Mastery page viewer
• Rune page viewer
• In-game progress info
• Favorites option
• Pro players and team list
• It's FREE!

Known Glitch : the app shows your league of 5vs5 team instead of your soloQ. We will fix this soon.

Would be awesome if we receive positive karma on reddit

Reddit post:
check it out in our web :

EDIT: if you have an iPad, u can download from the appstore (iphone section), and it works perfectly.
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Oct 23rd, 2010
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pretty nice gave you that karma

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