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League App Idea

Creator: Radiocommander
February 2, 2012 10:03pm
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I know this may be a very sophisticated idea to make a reality, but I was just thinking it would be amazing for MOBAFire or another League related site to develop an app that allowed for interactive help in choosing the best champions for a team comp.

The execution would be fairly simple and would be quick enough to utilize during the champion selection process.

The way I have it worked out in my mind the flow would go something like this:

1. As champions are banned, you choose them from a list and they are added to a banned section and would therefore be excluded from all calculations

2. As champions are chosen by either team, you could add them to either team's section in a "chosen champions" section. This would have to be done actively as your teammates and opponents choose so that the app is ready for the next part.

3. When it comes time for you to pick, the app can then suggest champions that would work best with your team comp and would also best counter your opponent's choices. The choices would be made in a calculated list that uses some simple statistical components to deliver the best results while still taking into account which archetypes have already been chosen by allies.

The back-end logic for this app could be pulled from tier lists and other professional opinions from around the net to be updated with each patch.

There are many obvious what-ifs to this idea, and it obviously won't help newer players who don't have a large pool of champions to draw from, but it could help players and teams stuck in the 800 to 1300 ELO range and prevent damming team comps from occurring quite as often.

As far as the interface goes, this could easily begin in a text based format and eventually progress to a graphical design which could mimic the summoner selection screen making it very easy to understand and follow.

I am an interactive designer myself, but I wouldn't have the time to create this size of an app for free myself at the moment, and I felt bad keeping the idea to myself when I wasn't going to do squat with it. So... challenge accepted anyone?
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That would be tricky and would have lots of problems with opinions because unless its about hardcore counters then team comps are all about strategy and opinions as well as player skill

Also it would take away from the strategy of the game and you would find that most people stuck at the lower elo ranges are not there because of bad team composition and if it is its because they can't do much

Better to make an app that shows specific champion counters, be much more likely to be used and less opinion based
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That is of course a good point. It was a touch and go idea from a night of frustration with people deciding to choose another AD carry when one was already picked first. Simplifying things to just a counter calculator would probably help a wider group of players for sure. If anything it could be a learning tool, not to be taking as the final word on all counter strategies, just something to help players who just aren't getting it and don't know where to look for the proper research or are just too lazy to.

Thanks for the feedback.
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