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League of Champions Tournament Invite!

Creator: Fandenselv August 15, 2012 12:24pm
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Aug 15th, 2012
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League of Champions wants to invite you or your team to our League of Legends ARAM/Dominion Tournaments! Our tournament will allow you to play against other teams of your level and win 50 Euros for each tournament you win. There will be two types of tournaments we will be holding, Daily premium tournaments and weekly free tournaments. Starting out the daily premium tournaments will have 16 slots and counting on the popularity, we will double the slots. For the weekly tournament we will start with a maximum 64 slots and will be open to all. Each slot representing a team of 5.

As a Premium team, you will be able to participate in our daily premium tournament and will receive around 100 points in our coin system.

Now what is this coin system? Well this is where the whole point of these tournaments come from, the betting system we will be implementing. Each bet will be a minimum 10 coins per match and if you win you will earn back your money plus the divided sum of all the losing bets. As an added bonus your first winning bet, you will receive 150 coins. As an added precaution Teams or collaborators will not be allowed to bet in fear that they will lose on purpose so that they can win the bet and rake in the money AKA rigging. So yes we will be looking for that………………..

Cost and Rewards of the Coin system:

100 Coins = 5 Euros
100 Coins + Premium team = 5 Euros per month
10 Coins = 1 Euros
10 Coins = Account sign up on our website

1000 Coins = 1 Game from our Gamefanshop Partner
100,000 Coins = A Computer

We hope that this system will provide you and the teams a fun environment where you and your money are on the battle grounds of League of Legends. Have fun bashing each other and winning.

League of Champions
Community Manager League of Champions

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