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LEAGUE VS DoTA (Same Creators?)

Creator: XDotaIsBetterX January 5, 2012 3:02pm
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Jan 4th, 2012
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After hearing LoL is similar to DotA with better graphics, I decided to try it out.

However....I find the experience from playing LoL completely different than DotA, nothing to me is the same. I quite don't understand why people perceive these two games to be similar in any way. The attack animation slow, making the cs experience completely different; the gameplay speed is alot slower and ultimately the general feel of playing LoL is just not the same comparing to DotA.

Having touched the hands of more than 10 million people worldwide since its inception nearly 5 years ago, Defense of the Ancients, (DotA) is arguably one of the most popular game mods of all time. Created primarily with the free "World Editor" packaged with Blizzard'samazingly popular RTS game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, each new version of DotA is the culmination of tens of thousands of man-hours of work by hundreds of community volunteers.

DotA is an online, session-based game where each of up to 10players chooses a "hero" to play during the 5v5 match. Assisted by computer-controlled creeps, you can kill enemy heroes and creeps, gaining resources and levels, allowing you to purchase items and train abilities. The game is won by destroying your opponent's main building, (Ancient), before yours falls. DotA is typically played online or over LAN, in 1-hour average sessions.

DotA has an artificial limitation on its potential. There's a limit to what can be accomplished while nested safely under the wing of Warcraft III. Players of DotA worldwide have been calling for attention from game developers, hoping someone will take the fundamentally unique, deep, and fun gameplay of DotA, and turn it into something more

League of Legends:

In September of 2006, Riot Games was founded with the hopes of making a game based on the core fundamentals of DotA, (great core game design, a strong emphasis on regularly updating content, focus on community engagement), with direct answers to the obvious limitations of the platform on which it was built.
League of Legends, Riot's first title, was announced on October 7th 2008. Players can look forward to a game that was influenced largely by following the positives and negatives outlined in this article. Riot's team isn't just made up of modders, its members can be found in the credits for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, World of Warcraft, Total Annihilation, Neverwinter Nights 2, Counter-Strike, Dungeon Siege, Sly Cooper, Heroes of Might and Magic, and more.

Personaly right now I enjoy LoL way more than I have been in DoTA for the past 6 years. You can add me on League (XDotaIsBetter) Dont mind the name, fore I was ignorant how the game was when I first started and believed that, there's nothing better than DoTA. (I just proved my self wrong)

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Dec 29th, 2011
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If your like me and hate the DotA lane game (Deny'in and stuff) then yes LoL is funnier, but you can't compare. They are different games and Riot did a good job by not making it identical to DotA (Cough HoN Cough). Also LoL is a bit easier with more go with the flow. While in DotA is a bit more on the hardcore side.
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