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LoL Jungle & Ward Timer for Android... I...

Creator: thatGameDude March 5, 2013 7:43am
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Mar 5th, 2013
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Hello everybody,
I have developed a LoL Jungle and Ward timer app for android devices but it needs some testing. This timer is for Summoner's Rift and has voice reminders for spawn times! It also features a mini map which you can tap to place a sight ward. These wards have timers and voice-overs for when a ward expires. This will help any jungler dramatically and times baron and dragon respawn time to the exact second.
If you are INTERESTED in giving it a whirl it will be available on GooglePlay and Amazon App market very soon. If you want to TEST please message me or post below. Helpful testers will receive an Ad-Free version of the app (which would normally be $0.99).
Thank You Very Much! This is my first app in development so I want the LoL community to know about it first :)

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