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LoL/SC2 Pro-Gaming House Seeks Applicants

Creator: LoLSc2GamingHouse September 13, 2012 6:02pm
Sep 13th, 2012
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Brand new pro-gaming house forming that is now taking applicants in beautiful sunny California. Currently accepting video applications on Youtube for players that are 2200+ ELO in LoL or Highmasters/GM in SC2. The intentions of the house are for players to be provided a training facility to practice 8+ hours a day in a positive gaming environment. Streaming is optional if you want or have a computer capable of doing so. The goal for the house would be to earn sponsors for the team and become self sufficient and attend tournaments in the coming seasons.

League of Legends Requirements:

Knowledgable of all team roles in LoL
2200+ ELO rating
Level headed - no ragers
High end team experience is preferred
Cooperating well with others

Starcraft 2 Requirements:

High Masters / GM Players
Serious Goals for yourself in the Starcraft universe
Participation in Playhem dailies and other various small scale tournaments on a regular basis
Streaming when / if possible
Currently looking for terrans, though accepting all applicants


Until sponsors have been established - Rent is $325 a month (includes maid, utilities, internet, bed, room)

Perks of the house: We have a personal chef that prepares healthy meals (Lunch and Dinner daily), breakfast is cereal / english muffins / whatever you want to make with a bowl and a toaster. Maid service once/twice a month to keep the place clean. A 50mb/s down, 20mb/s up internet connection will be provided that will be upgraded further if necessary.

The house has room for 7 players currently.

Apply away @

Pictures! -

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