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Moon's Pro Player/Streamer Tier List

Creator: Mooninites January 30, 2012 3:59pm
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Jan 25th, 2011
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Tier 1 – Chaox, Candy Panda, Xpecial, HotshotGG
Tier 2 – Reginald, Dyrus, Saintvicious, Doublelift, Nhat
Tier 3 – Elementz, Voyboy, Jatt, Bigfatjiji, Ocelote, TheOddOne, Salce, Dan Dinh
Tier 4 – Scarra, The Rain Man, Chauster, Shushei, Wickd
Hard to Place on a team – Orion846, SilSol, Guardsman Bob, Grackis, TedyRO

Dan Dinh – the man has swag and charm that’s pretty much unparalleled in the league.

ReginaId – Hasn’t been playing up to the level that we’ve all come to expect, but he’s winning games so he’s obviously contributing to his team. Great hustle in every game, seems to feed off his own rage, incredible gift that only a few Leaguers have. He’s winning games which is the important thing, but then again he’s playing EU west, which is loaded with French; GG surrender 20 anyone? Think so.

HotshotGG- the man has been pretty consistent in his balance between gameplay and raging, he, like ReginaId seems to feed off his own rage. There are times when you would think his career is about done but then he pulls out nidalee for vintage-sake and runs peoples show like it’s his job.

Wickd – he might be playing on EU but he has a total disregard for his own elo which definitely makes him go balls-to-the-wall and gives him that badass factor, but this isn’t enough to bring him out of Tier 4.

Candy Panda – this dude puts on a clinic every time he plays Tristana, rarely can a player single-handidly carry his team, he’s gotta little protection with Ocelote in the line-up, but it’s kind of like the OKC Thunder, Westbrooke/Durrant show.

Chaox – he’s been playing since beta, so age might start to become a factor. Even still Chaox has shown he’s a durable player and plays like he’s in the prime of his career nearly all the time.

Dyrus - Totally unphased by anything, plays the game without emotions getting in the way. He’s got ice in his veins at all times. Solid player, his smurf account actually has a higher elo than his main. Talk about hardass

Xpecial – made IEM Kiev look like amateur hour, picked up some key victories on the road, went for the sweep but came up short, dropping 2-1 to the Russians. Unfortunately for TSM this isn’t 1980 and there is no miracle to be found. Managed to pick up chicks at the local McDonalds which takes usually takes real effort but he didn’t have to try they approached him.

The Rain Man – rough stretch in Kiev, struggled on the road which is uncharacteristic of a vet. Went 0 for 3 against the Russians, he played pretty well throughout the tourney until the ship. Then again who wouldn’t play well in a tee-ball atmosphere?

Saintvicious – got into some beef with TheOddOne, playing mind games is strong feat in this game and Saint pulls it off pretty well. Pretty good awareness of the game, great knowledge really helps his team down the stretch. Pretty much the Rajon Rondo of CLG, doesn’t lead the league in points but secures the W.

Doublelift – A top prospect of CLG for sure. Only going to get better with age and experience, he has flawless mechanics which sheds light on the rigorous training his parents probably had him go through to get to this stage. He hasn’t reached super-star status yet but in a few years he’ll be hitting clean-up while the aging vets of CLG try to return to former glory. Chances for a ring sitting pretty good with this prodigy.

Chauster – CLG lost Elementz to free agency which was a pretty low blow after they didn’t even try to resign him. So far it’s been pretty unclear if the pick-up of Chauster as an attempt to replace Elementz in the line-up has paid off. He’s still trying to get use to the clubhouse atmosphere of CLG, elephant in the room: can he fit the mold of CLG?

TheOddOne –Flies solo all the time. May not know what he’s doing often, but has shown the ability to execute in must-win situations. He’s a member of a championship caliber team which time and time again competes for multiple rings. He comes out really strong but then starts to fade which is a little dampening to his team when they’re trying to make a post-season run and need a little magic.

Elementz – a rough off-season. CLG decided not to pick up his contract and ultimately Elementz landed with Curse. They’re a pretty young team that probably won’t compete for the crown anytime soon, but the addition of a veteran presence like Elementz could get them there faster than people think.

Scarra – pretty much the dark horse throughout most of his career, he made a major breakthrough by running CLG’s show as far farming was concerned. He doesn’t command a whole lot of presence on his team until crunch time, his post-season magic makes people want to call him Mr. October.

Grackis – this players weight has always been a concern for teams looking to pick him up. Great locker room chemistry, handles himself pretty well. Sometimes quiet and reserved when he needs to be more vocal which can result in loses that could have been avoided.

Guardsman Bob – A lot of people have questioned his passion for the game, shows very little emotion and treats it more as a game rather than his career. This has really kept some teams away from picking him up.

TedyRO – Somehow this man ended up in the big leagues. He’s cancer in the locker room and a distraction for most players. Think Ochocinco minus the talent.

SilSol – Has shown everyone that he can stomp solo-queue but when push comes to shove he can’t take it to the next level. Sure Tim Tebow can beat the St. Louis Rams and the Jacksonville Jaguars, but being a warm-up game for the Patriots really shows the depth of talent. With much development and his desire to win SilSol could break the ranks as a strong competitor.

Bigfatjiji – His ability to communicate with his team is sometimes questioned, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue for CLG which is the important thing. He’s had a few bumps throughout his career, but he’s always come out strong when he’s needed to. The injuries may start to add up and take a toll on his career, but if he is able to give 100% like he has in the past he’ll have a spot on CLG for a while.

Ocelote – His mechanics are unconventional and he represents a new way to play the game at times. He seems to be on the cutting edge of new theories and playstyles which really boosts his stock and gives him recognition as a player with the ability to paint the black. The lack of talent that surrounds him is certainly an issue in his quest for a crown although he and candy panda have proven that rebuilding a team is not an issue and have also proven their ability to carry teams to high levels of play.

Shushei – his knowledge of the middle is pretty high although communication seems to be an issue for anyone not on his team. Fnatic seems to be falling off on their championship level of play. Perhaps it’s age or maybe a high from the last championship. Another championship or two could solidify him as one of the all-time greats in EU but the challenge for the crown has been a little mixed up with the Russians coming on strong.

Jatt - scumbag? Maybe, the recent discovery of using performance enhancing drugs has definitely clouded this man’s future. Whether he unknowingly did it or not is beside the point.

Nhat – clean-cut with great knowledge of the game, his presence is definitely felt within the team but perhaps not in the league. He helps his team to W’s which is important. He may not get the recognition he deserves but invaluable to his team.

Orion846 – He’s been in and out of action which is hurts his stock in free agency. Whether or not he’s big league material remains to be seen but his ability to run a website should help him be able to run a team should he so desire.

Voyboy – A solid top lane. His legacy may be tainted for being on a team with Jatt. Whether or not the entire team used performance enhancing drugs remains to be seen but the general public will have a general distrust of this man and his future team.

Salce – he plays on a championship caliber team and the potential is there but they seem to always come up just short of a banner in the gym. He usually plays well enough to not be a liability for his team, but in the hostile American division that isn’t enough to win championships.
Thanks for the Signature MissMaw!
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Oct 31st, 2010
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This was a funny read regardless of who actually lands where.
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Oct 16th, 2010
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Yeah nice forgot me though :(


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