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need help making guide

Creator: blackout1190 July 6, 2010 8:31am
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Jul 6th, 2010
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i gotta nice sion build that i would love to share but im stumped on how you make the guides and put items in them and stuff please help :D
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Dec 8th, 2009
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Hi blackout!

I'd love to help you out, do you have any specific questions? If you take a look at this thread I typed up a short series of steps to post a guide, though it isn't super detailed.

To add items, simple add a champion and then click the "Add Items" button. A popup will appear with a list of items. You can use the filters on the right side to narrow down the list if you like. Left click once on each item you want to add and they will appear in a list on the left. When you've added all your items, scroll to the top of the popup and click the "Save" button. The popup will close and some weird text will appear in the box next to the add items button. That's it! After you save your build, your items will show up properly!

Also a heads up. We have a new builder coming out in the next week or so that we feel is more intuitive as well, which might help :)

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