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Need your help

Creator: GhosTx95
December 15, 2012 2:12am
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Hi.I'm GhosTx and i play on EU-NE since season 1. I heard that you can change skins with another players if you make a thread on league of legends forum and you get like 500 upvotes. I've made a thread on romanian forum where you need only 300 upvotes ( yes, i'm romanian ) how i want to change my Highland Tryndamere skin for another player's Jaximus. But thanks to the aid of my compatriots, now i have -3 downvotes instead of upvotes even with 10 upvotes from my friends. Maybe it sounds funny, but i really want a skin for Jax, so i'm asking for your help.

Here is the link to thread:

All i need is a upvote. Thanks!
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