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Creator: ZielStar September 6, 2012 6:56am
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Aug 27th, 2012
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So i recently bought th Razer Nostromo. I was wondering if others that use it could give me some feed back on how well you perfoem with it. As i have yet to find a comfortable set up with it. I hope in the long term it will vastly improve my game as i have the Razer Naga mouse for my active item usage. I guess it will take practice. Just want to hear your thoughts. Thanks
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May 30th, 2012
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I also use the Nostromo and have my q,w,e,r set up with the "thumb directional pad" so I have q as up, w as left, e as right, and r as down. The large square button under the directional pad I use for shift to control mords ghost, tibers, etc etc.

I have the bottom row of 4 buttons set up as re, top mia, mid mia, bot mia.

Finally I have my summoners set up as the top right and top left buttons. I keep them spaced far apart just so I dont hit the wrong one on accident.

Hope this helps, but no matter the setup it takes getting used to, but is worth it. I find using the nostromo much more comfortable then using the keyboard.

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