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Oh my god, other defeat for feeds !

Creator: SerMatu
December 24, 2011 12:35am
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I played ranked solo/duo 60 times, 25 wins and 35 loss. Why 35 loss? ''¿Are you bad?...'' I dont know why... every, every time ! One player break the game ! One time i had 19/5/13 with Miss Fortune and lost for two feeds, other i had 16/2/5 with LeBlanc and other lost for feeds. The people in queue every time said '' I have 5 loss and 37 wins hahaha '', '' For you i need use my main ''. The main of the player is Cassiopea mid with the nice skin Desesperada Cassiopea, i said: Sure is nice. The game finish with me 5/2 and Cassiopea 1/5, others times are Ahri feeds in mid, or one KASSADIN FEED in mid ! EPIC, the OP carry ap.

For one guide of mobafire '' Cassiopea in the Competitive Scene '' i want to buy Cassiopea, but now i dont know...

I have one nice score in ranked with LeBlanc (Really nice for me), Miss Fortune, Mordekaiser and Amumu. Yes i am newbie, begginer, and i need more experience with Leblanc, but with the people of ranked solo/duo i look god, i hate this trolls, feeds, bad players...

¿How do you do to assimilate this and not be angry?

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