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Open source League of Legends custom announcer...

Creator: Sightless123 December 14, 2023 12:32pm
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Dec 8th, 2023
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Dear League of Legends players,

I have released a Python program which enables the user to play their own custom sounds in parallel with in-game events based on the official LoL API. Further program functionality includes; turn on the LoL executable, mute native game announcer, adjust custom announcer volume and auto-accept matches.

This has been created as a personal code learning project.

The code may be used and modified freely, as per the MIT license.

If you are interested please check my Github project link and try it out, any feedback is welcome.

How to use
You may use the current release, but it uses text to speech sounds, so I recommend you to map your own sounds according to the file. You can use Audacity for instance or download some sounds from the internet. If you are new to coding, the project page has a basic guide which directs you how to run the code in your own coding environment.

If you map your own sounds and can run the code, then I recommend you to use "Auto PY to EXE" library through which you can simply create a .exe file, just as I did. All the necessary libraries should be present once you correctly setup your virtual environment.

Some disclaimers for when you use the program;
1. Do not change the size of the program window or terminal while in a menu, since that currently terminates the program.
2. Turn on the custom announcer once you are in-game.
3. The muting function of the native LoL announcer mutes it globally, so you need to either run the option again or edit the related file.
4. The program might not function properly when run on something other than Windows.

Github project link

Best regards,

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