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Please ... help !

Creator: Tinaby August 17, 2010 7:00am
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Aug 2nd, 2010
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Well, i know i'm far from beeing as charismatic as a beautiful woman who's just fallen into a flying taxi, but i'd like to beg all users of mobafire, particularly the new ones (they certainly won't see this but anyway ... i had to do it), though i'm quite new myself.

Please ...

... stop posting undone builds without comments, items, masteries, runes or ability sequences
... stop posting again and again the same builds, just READ what was done before you came here (at least the 4 or 5 top rated builds concerning your char), comment if you feel it's needed or don't understand something, and THEN if you couldn't find what you wanted, make your build
... ask someone to read your stuff BEFORE posting it, i know english is not everybody's mother tongue (not mine at all, and i bet it's obvious when you read me), and a lot of mistakes can be understood, but i discovered some weird languages here
... read your post and ask yourself what you would think by reading this if it were for you (that means you must remove, in many other things, ANY pretentious part of your text like "best build ever"/"pro build"/"this build rocks"/"i play only XXXX so i'm pro listen to me" if they target your own build)
... quite the same as last point but always good to repeat : STAY POLITE ! Never insult nor denigrate other mobafire users, we're all here to discuss about a game we all love, and everybody can leave this place with new ideas or thoughts about the game that will help him/her to play. Remember nobody knows everything (and the best way to improve your capacity is to think that basicaly, YOU don't know the right answer).

Thanks for reading, sorry for the useless thread. As it's already quite useless, i'd like to thank all the team for their work and the idea of this site, it's really usefull and nicely designed. I just miss some little things that are still in development, i'm looking forward to seeing the result when you're done !

I wish you a nice time on Mobafire and LoL, and so and so :p
Even if other people make ****, that does not make your actions better !
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Jun 14th, 2010
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Yes, we've been begging people to do this for a while but trolls will be trolls. Not sure how the Mods of the site deal with it but the new builds that are like "BANANA" are quite annoying.

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