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Ranked Team Queue

Creator: DusilB April 4, 2013 7:19am
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Mar 7th, 2013
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Let’s start out with some theory on how team ranked is supposed to be. Teams join up and start on their ladder. They do their placement matches and get put in certain tiers. Teams now are matched with other teams of both individual and team skill level. When teams win, they gain LP, when teams lose they lose LP.

In Season two, my understanding is that when a player had no team experience, their hidden team elo was affected by their solo Q. The members of a team had their team elo averaged and that was where they were placed. Certain teams abused this system by winning 5 placement matches, then recreating their team so they would have the fast advancement of placement matches again. However in the end, diamond players never stayed in silver, gold, or even plat. Diamond players were in diamond tier teams. The ladder was fair in how they matched players. Gold level players played with gold teams both with players that were predominately gold.

To stop this “abuse” riot implemented a hard cap on placement matches. Regardless of a team’s hidden elo (MMR) they would be placed in silver 1 as a max. This does two things. It discourages people from doing the multi team elo gaining technique described above because you couldn’t place in super high areas right off the bat AND take advantage of the placement matches. This also creates a large funnel where top diamond level teams get placed into silver 1 with teams of plat, gold, and silver skill level.

In theory as time goes to infinity, diamond teams will be diamond, and everyone will be where they should be. It has been a month and a half, Diamond level teams are still stick in silver 1. Plat and gold level teams cannot get to their respective tiers because diamond teams still hog the spots at the end of the funnel.
My team is comprised of 4 gold 1/2 players and 1 silver 1.
In the past 10 games we’ve played against 13 diamond players, 15 platinum players, 11 gold players, 8 silver players, and 3 bronze or unranked.

This is in a Silver 1 division. Notice that the majority of players are Diamond and Platinum. In the past 10 games, we’ve lost 4. If you add up the number of Diamond and Platinum players, that equals 28. Divide that by 5 and you have 5 full teams and 3 strays. This means at worst case, where all the top level players only associate with each other, we’ve beaten 1.5 of them.

In actuality, teams have 3ish Diamond players coupled with 2ish plats per match. There are occasions where a Gold player enters their ranks. In other words, more than 5 teams have Diamond players in them. Many of which were still beaten.
Is this what Silver 1 is supposed to be? A mix match of players ranging from Bronze 1 to Diamond 1? I don’t believe that is what an ideal ladder should look like. Players are so concentrated in this small area of the ladder because they cannot initially be placed higher. This creates a very unbalanced environment.

One may argue, If your beating teams with Diamond players then your where you should be, your still losing and winning games. On the other hand, why should I be playing against Diamond teams while I’m Silver 1? That doesn’t make sense. If I had earned my way to Platinum 1-2 and I was playing against Diamond teams, then that makes sense, then ladder population would be properly distributed and players and teams would be where they should be.

Take off the cap and for players in Silver 1, as a onetime thing, assign MMR for each tier of play, and place teams into their appropriate category, then lift the Silver 1 cap on entering teams. The ladder will naturally balance itself out. To solve the abuse from season 2, during placement, put the cap at Platinum 1. The only reason to use the abuse technique is to fight for the first few spots on the ladder, which also cannot be seen anymore which means you don’t know what you’re fighting for.

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