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Rumble Nerf Analysis Patch 3.5

Creator: Jieshang March 29, 2013 3:28pm
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Mar 29th, 2013
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Hi--I'm Jieshang, I worked my way up from 1050 elo starting at the end of season 2 to almost Plat and 1900 MMR today....all by playing primarily one Champion: Rumble.

Devastated to see the changes in Patch 3.5, with no good reason either, was not being overplayed, used sparingly in pro play, and never banned. I don't see why they singled out Rumble to make changes.

At any rate--I've now tested Rumble over 10 times since the patch has been applied, and did the math calculation to see is damage output. Of course, things vary in games, and because of magic pen, resistances etc. the information below is not entirely accurate. But here are some thoughts from a Pro Rumble.

formula explanation

Before Patch 3.5

(burst damage + 0.5 AP ratio damage)bomb + 9 ticks of (DPS/2+ 0.2 AP ratio damage/2)

After Patch 3.5

10 ticks of (DPS/2 + 0.3 ratio damage)

Early Game: Level 6 with 50 Ability Power
(150 + 25)bomb + 9 ticks of (50+10) = 715 total damage
10 ticks of (65+15) = 800 total damage
Note: Easy to step out of rumble ult quickly early game 1 v 1, makes you dearly miss the old burst damage. Breakeven point- Opponent must stand in new ult 4 seconds.

Mid game: Level 11 with 150 Ability Power
(225 + 75)bomb + 9ticks of (70+ 15) = 1155 total damage
10 ticks of (92.5 +22.5) = 1150 total damage
Note: Missing bomb damage dramatically changes the effectiveness of the ult at lvl 11. Since at this lvl in the past is great timing for mid game ganks and play making, Rumble takes a considerable nerf at lvl 11. No BREAK EVEN!

Late Game: Level 16 with 400 Ability Power
(300+200)bomb + 9ticks of (90+40) = 1670 total damage
10 ticks of (120 + 120) = 2400 total damage
Note: Rumble actually receives a BUFF late game, putting out significantly more damage, causing game changing jungle fights, baron contests, etc... Breakeven is at 2 seconds!
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Dec 6th, 2011
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Everything seems just about right. Nice calculations! + rep for your contribution c:

Since you've played rumble so much now, I do have a question for you:
Being totally unbiased, how do you think this current patch has affected rumble's soloqueue power in ranked games? He used to be in tier 1 in elementz' RoG tier list. Do you think he is still in that tier? Do you think he's moved down?
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