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Send me your replays! [Shoutcasting]

Creator: Spellruler November 5, 2012 7:21am
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Jan 1st, 2012
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Hi everyone! I'm an aspiring shoutcaster looking to cast LoL matches, but I need some help, i need replays! That's right, YOUR replays!

I'm setting up a twitch/youtube channel solely dedicated to shoutcasting matches from everyone in league of legends, ranging from amateurs to pro's, because I simply love to talk league and shoutcasting seemed like the right thing to do to get into E-Sports, also it seemed that shoutcasted matches seemed to be reserved to tournaments only, and I thought I could change that if only a little..

But for that to happen I need replays, and that is where YOU guys come in! Send me your replays, preferably SoloQ or Ranked 5's, and I will upload your replay along with shoutcasted commentary on YT/twitch!

So if you want your match shoutcasted, send me your replay to and I will try to get the replay shoutcasted ASAP!

tldr; Want to shoutcast for community, need replays

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