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Server problems

Creator: DUnWanted June 9, 2012 9:55am
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Oct 25th, 2011
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recently i was playing a game of league of legends then my games laggs and ask if i want to reconnect i press it stays loading then i close the game and when i open the launcher it says server unavailable when it is because my friends are playing.also the page does not open stays loading and it never finishes also twicth tv dosent work for me.

i live in germany but i play NA server, also happend to my brother who is next to me help please how to fix it
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Dec 12th, 2011
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If I had to guess, since it happened to you and your brother next to you at the same time but not others: this is an issue with your setup, locally, not the server. Double check that you have all the ports LoL uses open and that LoL is being blocked by the firewalls on your router and the like. If the problem persists, try calling your ISP to see why you're having trouble connecting to US IPs consistently.
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