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January 6, 2012 5:00pm
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Yo mobafire ppl!Today i played Skarner and i created those items!MR(boots),Trinity Force,Phantom Dancer,Warmogs and Atma's Impaler....Do u think Phantom Dancer worths it?

PS:Anyone else that created PD,Bloodthirstier?Wanna know if its worth:D
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Dancer ? Ummmm depends , I'd rather go more tanky on him but if your snowballing the game these don't seem half bad.
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if u looking for attack speed wit's end is a must for skarner :)
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if you ask me, that build is dominated by other options.
just build FH +FoN if going tanky. For dmg go Triforce, wits, guinsoos
thats how i build him, and im maintaining a 70% winrate in soloQ and ppl ban him out against me in skrims. (also Shurelyas is great, so is randuins in alot of comps, because wardens is simply op)
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