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STREAM 1.2k ELO ManaFlames [And going UP UP UP!]

Creator: ManaFlames January 27, 2012 10:50pm
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Jan 27th, 2012
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Manaflames Livestream
You can find me here
( First stream will be at 9PM + 2 GMT 28.1.2012 )

Hey guys! My name is ManaFlames and i'm formerly known as "ColorHammer" ( or before that "Hammeri" ). I am 18 year old Finnish media student, so basically when i graduate my job will be to make commercials or shooting video or recording audio / editing audio/video or just still photography. But the basic idea is that i will work a lot with media, so i thought livestreaming would be great choice to closen the gap between me and media producing!

Currently i spend time at:

  • playing League of Legends ( i know that one might be bit of a shock to you )
  • Editing, quite a lot actually. Basically just messing around with After Effects and Cinema 4D. Photography ( if someone is interested i have Canon EOS 550D /t2i camera with 17-85mm lens )
  • Hanging out with my Girlfriend.
Gaming History
I have been playing League Of Legends almost since the beginning, i never played the beta but after few months the game was released i started playing it on and off. But in last spring i started playing this game pretty seriously, played about 800 matches normal. About two months ago i started playing ranked games becouse i wanted some competitivity in my gaming life.
I have some history of "ranked" gaming, not in such competitive side that i would've been going LANS or entered any tournaments,

but still back in the days when i played world of warcraft i had around 2.3k rating in 3v3, in WoTLK and in Cataclysm something around that aswell. I have also played quite a lot of FPS games in my history from CS 1.6 until the Modern Warfare 3. But i think the MMO/RPG/MOBAs games have been my major compared to the FPS genre, and i enjoy playing MOBAs more than when playing FPS games. The FPS games are more like for stress releasing..
Me and League Of Legends
Let me answer here a few pretty straight forward questions about how i play lol and what kind of personality i am on livestream ( or i think )

What kind of LoL player are you?
I know my weakness in LoL and it's i am aggressive player and sometimes waay too greedy, and when i get a kill or two i think i'm invincible and that i can win everyone.
But in short i am aggressive player.

What role/roles you focus on?
Well i have played quite a lot matches with AD carries and i liked playing AD until i tried jungling and fell in love with it. I jungle mainly with Skarner / Maokai / Udyr but if Lee Sin isn't banned i might give him a try if it's viable in the team comp. I CAN play top aswell but i'm not as good top player as i am in bot with AD carry or in jungle. I don't really like playing support and ward placement isn't my strongest perks so that role doesn't really fit me. Middle, oh the middle.. I absolutely get destroyed in mid! I don't know why it might be my aggressiveness in mid isn't really good thing and that i have no real experience in AP carries might be why mid doesn't work for me.

What kind of person you are?
I tend to use a lot of humour in my life, not quite sure why but i have always used humour quite frequently when i talk to someone. It also serves for a defensive mechanism for me so it goes quite handy with my normal behaviour! In LoL nowadays i try to keep my cool, i used to rage quite a lot in game, but now i have reduced it to zero. In real life i tend to be really social, meet up new people, talk to stranger, get to know in people and such!

Now the question lies, when do i stream? Where do i stream? And let me answer you shortly! I stream at HERE To be more precise. The days i haven't decided yet but i try to stream at nights usually starting 9 PM finnish time ( + 2 GMT ). But my first stream is next saturday (28.1.2012) starting + PM ( + 2 GMT )
Wrapping up!
First of all i'd like to thank you for even reading this whole text ( if you are even reading this anymore ) and secondly i'd HOPE you'd check out my stream becouse i'm spending quite a lot time improving/building it!
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Jan 25th, 2011
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There is an entire forum section devoted to this. Please take the time to look around mobafire so you don't end up cluttering general discussion. You can also connect your stream to your account so people can find it by search in the streams section.

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Thanks for the Signature MissMaw!
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this is really cool.
this place is a dump

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