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Support Ziggs Viable

Creator: Coldbolt March 5, 2012 8:16am
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Dec 27th, 2009
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As the match commenced, the team believed the Ziggs was a troll whilst if we take in to account what a support is, then maybe you might get the idea.

In my eyes the support is there to assist whoever they are working with to give them the maximum gold possible and to assist the team to make the map visable against ganks. So lets think about it. If Ziggs was to harass the enemy bot lane and make sure they couldn't get farm and he took damage instead of who he was assist (typically an ad carry) then surely this is still going to help the ad carry gain gold. If you can prevent their ad carry from getting gold, this means they can't get gold, therefore later on, they can't harass which means your ad carry can start harassing, maybe kill and still get more gold.

This is the same as Alistar only he can heal but he can't dish out the same damage but he can CC, it's just making sure you make your ad carry as strong as you possibility can without hindering them.

So justifying why I would let anyone go support, this is the reason why I like Ziggs support of course with some team work.

Chip playing Ziggs, just harassed as much as possible and when it comes to end game, this support actually has something to give out. This is why AP bottom and bruiser bottom or any bottom can work, it's just alot easier doing support.
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Jul 31st, 2011
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The problem with having a champion like Ziggs as a support is he doesn't have any real way to protect his AD carry. He has no heals/shields/real CC.

He has a lot of poke damage and will certainly be annoying to deal with, but when you're up against sustain and people who know what they're doing you're gonna have trouble.
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Sep 11th, 2010
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Ziggs has a lot of poke and spells out a kill lane for bot. If you can't get kills, Ziggs is virtually useless because he is going to depend on early kills/assists since he won't be cs'ing bot. You -will- lose to a sustain lane if you're up against one so that is why he isn't played bot a lot.

One thing I do want to point out in that video is yeah I mean he did fine but look at the enemy team. They all went in one by one. Dear god who does that, seriously. You can see why they're losing that game because of dumb decision making.
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Oct 25th, 2011
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It's exactly what I have been doing. SO far I have 4/4 ranked support ashe wins. It's risky to try and although I'm 100% supporting as Ashe, I'm sometimes afraid of doing it because of the troll threats etc. Her ult and slows set up kills and her overall poke makes the enemy support/ad carry want to stay away.

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