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Creator: Sandomar April 21, 2023 9:36am
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Feb 21st, 2015
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Most TFT MISSIONS are fairly self-explanatory.
Then RIOT pulls one of these oddball requirements using a term that is NOT known or understood by the usual player, obviously some kind of terminology used in-house by the devs but could so easily be clarified by a simple explanation in parenthesis at the bottom.

Field a Threat with an emblem and its trait active at Gold+

The only things known to mean "Gold" are the Gold you earn each round in the game, and the ranked level of Gold.
Assuming you reach ranked Gold or above, you would be Gold+.
Obviously, it makes no sense to have a MISSION that only applies to ranked players above the rank of Gold.
However, there is no other obvious meaning for the requirement of "Gold+".
The use of English here "trait active at Gold+" if applied directly, could also mean that the active trait must be "at Gold+" but there is no explanation for what that means, either.
Anyone have a clue here, or have I played this game for years now having never seen any explanation from RIOT about how a trait could be Gold or any other color?
What traits DO have, is a certain number of champs on the board with the same trait.
But that doesn't have colors, just numbers. so wth?
DO...or DO NOT
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May 19th, 2023
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What I think this mission means is that when u have a trait active, once you reach a certain level of the trait it becomes golden on the bar where all the traits are displayed. I rarely play TFT but this is the first thing that came to my mind. :D Hope this helps.

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