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Th justice of Solo queue

Creator: Crows foot January 22, 2013 2:45am
Crows foot
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Jun 11th, 2011
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I know we all ***** and whine from time to time about the idiots we get on our teams. At times we know a single action on their part (and yes, lots more times we could have done that single action ourselves and won, but this has no part in whining) would have won us the games or at least not thrown it.

Like yesterday, when I queued and went mid Orianna. Did fairly well against their Malzahar. Our jungle gp derped and built critplank starting pd, but hey, one derp and we can win. But then you have the toplane Master Yi. Refusing to communicate throughout our game and when they sieged us and we held for a long time (in a siege a ad yi can't do much) he refused to run botlane and help it push and backdoor. Our botlane pushed hard on it's own but always broke on their inner turret. With a Master Yi there they had to abandon push or lose inhib. He refused until they back off and all go ss. THEN he goes toplane, which is pushing AGAINST us and try to backdoor, get caught out and we lose baron. At least he was consistent in his stupidity this game.

Ah but well, back to the topic at hand, I queued up at once and THIS TIME THEY GOT HIM!
He went jax jungle and continued to feed and die hard. This game I carried hard with Xin, but carrying such a game isn't fair since I got fed from that jax...

But the justice, the worlds truth, was there!
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