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Touhou x League of Legends

Creator: closed21 May 9, 2013 2:05am
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May 9th, 2013
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"if ZUN will allow his Touhou to be made as a skin then this info would be useful"
"This is my first post and i dont know if someone already posted this kind of thread"
"this is only a opinion that we can also change some of the League of Legends characters into Touhou. well some of them are based on Touhou like Lux and Orianna"
To everyone who doesn't know about what Touhou is you can look at this page

Touhou Wiki Link

so this is the list of the League of Legends characters that can have a skin of a Touhou Character.

Suwako Moriya - Fizz

Urchin Strike - would be a simple thrust with Suwako holding a Ring.
Seastone Trident - would make the ring glow.
Playful / Trickster - Suwako will ride a Large water lily and when clicked she will jump out of it.
Chum the Waters - A giant frog will eat the targeted enemy.

Marisa Kirisame - Lux

Light Binding - The same
Prismatic Barrier - She throws the Mini-Hakkero she holds
Lucent Singularity - Instead of the Round thingy it will be replaced by the Jar that will explode
Final Spark - The same with more rainbow colors.

Remilia Scarlet - Ashe

Frost Shot - The same but with red colors.
Volley - Will be replaced by her short ranged danmaku seen on SWR and Hisoutensoku.
Hawkshot - Will be replaced by Red Bat.
Enchanted Crystal Arrow - The Arrow would become The Spear Gugnir that she will throw.

Sakuya Izayoi - Katarina
"i was thinking of using irelia in here but katarina would be more compatible with sakuya"

Bouncing Blades - The same but it will be color blue
Sinister Steel - The animation of Close Up magic. 5 knives would spin around Sakuya
Shunpo - Sakuya will teleport on the target enemy and she will leave a card where she came from
Death Lotus - Still the same but some of the knives would spin beside her.

Alice Margatroid - Tresh/Syndra
"she can be both Tresh or Syndra"
if Syndra

Dark Sphere - Will leave a doll on the ground.
Force of Will - If its a Doll then she will control it but if its not a Doll will hold the target.
Scatter the Weak - The same.
Unleashed Force - All the dolls will attack the targeted enemy.

if Thresh

Death Sentence - The Shanghai will hold the enemy and grab it.
Dark Passage - Alice will release Horai on the field and will grab an ally if clicked.
Flay - By using strings she will shove enemy away or pull them
The Box - the 5 tower will be replaced by 5 dolls holding spears upward.
Damnation - Alice would get some resources 'Part of her dolls"

Suika Ibuki - Gragas

Barrel Roll - The Barrel would be replaced by Suika's gourd
Drunken Rage - She drinks with her gourd
Body Slam - She become somewhat large and slam the enemy.
Explosive Casket - The barrel would be replaced by Suika's gourd

Hong Meirin - Lee Sin

Sonic Wave - The same.
Safeguard - The same but the sheild would become rainbow colored.
Tempest - The same but she will hit the ground with her foot not her fist.
Dragon's Rage - The same but there would be a Rainbow colored animation just like on Hisoutensoku.

Cirno - Anivia
"they fit perfectly"
Flash Frost - The same.
Ice Wall
- The same
Frostbite - The same.
Glacial Storm - The same.

Aya Shameimaru - Quinn and Valor

Blinding Assault - Aya will throw some crow on the enemy.
Heigtened Senses - The same.
Vault - Aya will rush on the enemy the same as domination dash.
Tag Team - She will be replaced by a crow.


Blinding Assault and Heigtened Senses would be the same.

Vault - The crow will be surrounded by red aura.
Tag Team - Insted of Arrows it can be Black Feathers or Smaller Crows.

Komachi Onozuka - Hecarim

Rampage - Komachi will swing her mighty sycthe
Spirit of Dread - The same but komachi will be surrounded by purple soul.
Devastating Charge - The same.
Onslaught of Shadows - Instead of the usuall Hecarim Charging Komachi would dash with her boat.

"some of the characters that can be turned into skin but its still have some incompatibility"

Utsuho Reiuji - Corki
Tenshi Hinanawi - Fiora
Reimu - Talon/Twisted Fate
Reisen U****ein Inaba - Caitlyn
Patchouli Knowledge - Veigar
Youmu Konpaku - Shen/Orianna
Iku Nagae - Xerath
Ran Ya***o - Ahri
RumiaTouhou's Forum Avatar
Apr 12th, 2023
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i know im Super late but as an Touhou Fan i just needed to comment i really like the Idea of Remilia as Ashe this sounds super cool, here are some ideas i have i think Youmu would really fit Yasou or Master Yi because both of them use Katanas, Koishi could be Shaco because both have Knifes and both are kinda Pyschos also i think Koishi also is invisible to Humans which would fit for Shaco, Fujiwara no Mokou as Brand because Fire xD and because im a Rumia Fan i would say that she maybe would fit as Syndra because Syndras Balls could be replayced with Darkness Bubbles i guess
Trash Shaco Player and also the Inventor of Lillia Support

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