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Twisted Treeline; A Guide To Everything

Creator: Mykalz February 13, 2012 2:33pm
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Feb 13th, 2012
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Oh hai there, after playing about 2000 games solely on Twisted Treeline I have learned quite a bit, both about the map and what excels within it and the players you can typically expect on your team and on the opposing team. So why not just voice my opinion, maybe ill teach a few people something ;D.

Twisted Treeline is an incredibly small map when compared to Summoner's Rift, and as such is composed of mostly jungle; the jungle serves as a barrier/separation between the top and bottom lane. Champions who can dash or teleport over the jungle walls tend to work EXTREMELY well here. (ie. Kassadin, Ezreal, Gragas, Tryndamere and so on) By the time your opponent calls MIA it's too and your team is up a kill or two.

"The Tryndamere Factor" - Well if you're reading this chances are you have already seen all the threads on this forum regarding the infamous Tryn and how hes broken. To start off Tryn is a good pick in Twisted Treeline, he has his E allowing him to dash over walls and most importantly his ultimate, "OMGWTFBBQ HE CANT DIE". Most players just see him as unkillable due to it and see no counter to invincibility. Fortunately, there are major counters to Tryn that make him seem... useless. Anyone with any sort of CC (Crowd Control) can shut him down completely. He only has 5 seconds of invincibility with his ult on and that's when he deals the most damage anyway, if you can manage to land a stun almost half that time is wasted, even a well placed ignite midway through his ult will indefinitely kill him.

Jungling in Twisted Treeline - Huge curve here, only certain champions can use the jungle on TT to its full potential. Champions such as Shaco and Lee Sin can take either the Wolf/Wraith buff at level 1 with ease making them extremely viable here. Other jungling champions just don't have enough damage out put to do it without dying or retreating.

Inhibitors, while it may seem like a good idea to break the other teams inhibitor, it can prove to be a huge mistake, breaking this causes the lane to be pushed due to super minions allowing the enemy team to farm whilst in the comfort of their own base. This can create a problem if they manage to hold the tower next to their Nexus. So next time you're going to break it, think about continue zoning them instead for a definite Victory later in the game.

Gold per 5 Items on Twisted Treeline - I personally dont see GP5s living up to their true potential on Twisted Treeline seeing as how the games are typically MUCH MUCH shorter than in Summoners Rift. As well all three people on TT farm minions where as the current meta dictates the support doesn't farm in Summoners Rift. Don't build them unless you are being zoned so badly you need them in order to get any gold.

"Im the only one who knows how to play this game/Egotistic" - This includes people who insta lock champions in champion selection and then demand top, people who purposely feed/afk and people who just have an ego so huge they need to talk in All chat to bash their own team mates. Don't do it.

Metas - There are very many different Metas currently in 3v3s, I will go into each of them in detail below.

TANKY STRATEGY Tanky DPS/Off Tank Team - This is when all the champions on one team go for both sustainability and damage, this can be achieved through Atmas Impaler and Warmogs, also referred to as "Atmogs". A team like this is played more so in the lower elos than higher elos.

JUNGLING STRATEGY Jungler + AD + AP - This is when one champion jungles typically starting at top unless countered by opposing team, while an AD champ goes to top lane and an AP champion with range goes to bottom or vice versa. Regardless the champion who takes bottom lane almost always needs to have range due to the fact they will most likely be 2v1ing and need the range to last hit/harass. Using this meta allows your whole team to be relatively the same level, which would typically be higher than the opposing team since the person who lanes at bot isn't sharing the exp of the minions with another laner.

DOUBLE WOTA STRATEGY AD Jungler + AP + AP - This is relatively the same as the previous jungling strategy only with the two aps laning by themselves. In this strategy the first full item that these two ap champions purchase is Will Of The Ancients, commonly referred to as WOTA. By having two champions who are ap both building WOTA the aura stacks, giving each of them 40% Spell Vamp and +60 AP.

TWO TOP STRATEGY Any combo of champions - In this strategy what you are supposed to do is shut down the other teams carry/soloer. Although experienced players will most likely think that this is fairly useless it has its uses as I have seen it used several times. This is typically only done when the opposing champion that goes top is someone who you can easily shut down and take advantage of.

There are many more strategies I have not discussed but these are the ones I feel are the most commonly used and most important.


Bottom Brush - There are many different ways to go about ganking at level one. The one most publicly used and seen is when your whole team moving as one unit goes to the brush in the center of bottom lane to kill the opposing enemy champions assuming they do this as well.

Anti Jungle - This happens when in the loading screen just before you get into a match you see someone on the enemy team with smite, what you do is as a unit your team scouts and waits in the top part of the maps jungle beside their wolf/wraith buff in the hopes to kill their jungler and thus slowing them down for the rest of the game whilst gaining first blood.

Solo Top Kill - This type of gank is when your team moving TOGETHER proceeds to walk through the jungle at level 1, through the area where red buff spawns and then into the bush closest to whatever side the opposing team's top lane entrance is. You then wait in this bush for their soloer to walk up to their lane and gank as he's attempting to do this.

Solo Top Kill 2 - This is when you and your team proceed to the bushes in the middle of the top lane and await for the enemy team's soloer to get too close/overextend.

Missing in Action Calls / M.I.A.s

Since Twisted Treeline is a relatively small map when compared with Summoner's Rift one must be weary of ganks occurring much more frequently. If you see that an enemy Poppy with the summoner spell flash walks into the brush in the center of top lane as your own team's bottom lane is overextended (passed mid way through the lane), it is a huge possibility that he/she has flashed over the wall and is headed to gank your bottom lane. Regardless if this happens or not you should immediately tell your team that this is a possibility by either typing M.I.A. or Inc Poppy, or flaring/pinging. What is the worst thing that could happen if that Poppy didn't flash over the wall and is still in that brush? Nothing.

Besides this, on occasion you will have players who may not speak English or just refuse to call M.I.A.s for whatever reason, in this case, take a deep breath (I know it can be irritating) and make sure you pay even closer attention to the mini map to see if a player is missing or not. This is called map awareness and tends to be one of the deciding factors between the good players and the great players.

Well that's it for me. Hopefully you learned something or agree with me or found it fun to read.
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Oct 31st, 2010
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This is a pretty decent summary to the 3v3 map, although I'm not sure if this is really a guide.

I myself have played a good 600-700 total matches on TT, not exactly sure how many, and I can attest to some of the points stated.

I've never thought Tryn was OP on TT, but now that I'm a really good Tryn and he got reworked, I'd have to check for myself.
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