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Which Champion?

Creator: ArthurTheHammer January 16, 2013 4:00pm
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Jan 14th, 2013
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I was thinking about buying Swain next but recently I've been thinking about buying Shaco. Which do you prefer? Which do you think is better? Which one should I get? Any advice will help.
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Mar 21st, 2012
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They're totally different champs for completely different roles.

Shaco is currently a jungler most of, who relies on his early power to provide strong ganks which hopefully will get your lanes going. His kit relies on messing your opponents up and exploiting their confusion to get things done. However, lategame he usually falls off a bit due to scalings vs bulkyness, so he either waits up for his opportunity to deal le damage or he often splitpushes.

Swain is a generally resilient AP Caster that can deal with both mid and top. He is usually able to deal with AD Assassins (which not all casters can claim) and relies in damage over time to net kills. His range often gets him as a first target but his ultimate allows him to endure some nice damage. He scales well into late game, and his kit's CC is generally helpful in fights.

He usually farms like ****, his Auto-attack animation is decent but if you get pushed you don't have much to help counter this.

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Aug 8th, 2012
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There's a sticky for this kind of question. Please post it there.

I agree with FalseoGod though. I personally like Swain better.
Sensei Lyfur
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Nov 24th, 2012
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That's a good question... personally, I prefer to play [Shaco] because he's just so entertaining to play. The stealth, the jungle time, the great early ganks... he is a very rewarding champion, takes a little time and skill to master, and is just someone who can absolutely determine a game. He can counterjungle like a maniac thanks to his stealth (which is really a flash that got buffed) and is very fun to play. I don't really like playing [Swain] all that much, but then he is a rather interesting champ, who I would argue has a niche of his own. My personal advice: [Shaco] is always a good time, but watch out for invades, which can ruin your entire game.
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Ninja Trigger
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Jul 12th, 2012
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I have both, but I like Shaco a little better, but Swain is easier to learn
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