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Zileas Q&A From Public

Creator: Kaiokhen June 30, 2010 7:46am
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Jun 25th, 2010
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I decided to stack up the Q&A question from Zileas and answering question from public so its easier to read instead of going through pages and pages. Some were not posted here because they were not important.
  1. What was the objective behind the Locket Nerf? Besides making it useless when it was actually useful for less than 5 champions.

    We don't like the sustained push/poking metagame. This is the same reason we nerfed sustained HP regen long ago on tanks. Locket allows you to push for a long time and not be worn down by the turret, so we nerfed its usefulness to this.
  2. Why does it suck so much?

    Because the play balance problems we are solving are focused around Season 1, and while you are an above-average player you are only around 65th percentile (going by ratings). The problems we solved are, for the most part, more of an issue amongst people in the top 5%. However, we do feel that what is broken at the top will eventually cascade first to good players like yourself, and then everyone else.
  3. Why mundo?
    because we love TT, and Mundo is OP on TT.
  4. Will Udyr get ome kind of compensation for having an item such as locket nerfed?
    Right now hes very resource dependent and items dont really scale well with him, any plans on that?

    Any progress on singeds fling fix??


    Udyr was awesome before everyone played locket on him. I'm not opposed to buffing him again soon though. Will mention to Shurelia.
  5. How many more times can I expect to see Ezreal nerfed? You know the last patch changed nothing, people will still complain about him.

    No plans currently, we are hoping these changes will be sufficient.
  6. I also am curious as to the harsher queue dodging punishment when you still haven't fixed the reasons why people queue dodge, why did you feel the increase in time was necessary?

    Where is suppression?

    1 -- Because it works, and because a larger fix is more time consuming to execute correctly.

    2 -- required a code change, and this patch had no game client code changes to allow a faster deploy and iteration with low risk.
  7. What is Riot's stance on the morality of queue dodging?

    Worse than jaywalking, less bad than adultery and murder.
  8. Flash Frost double-tap timer thingy... what exactly is that? I couldn't find an answer.

    lock out timer between pressing it the first and second time during the use of the skill. Its a tweak to allow hitting someone really close to you easier.
  9. This isn't directly related to this patch so much as the last one. But I would like an answer to it all the same.

    Why in the hell do you keep nerfing evelynn. She's already like bottom tier and has been for sometime. what makes you think you need to keep hitting her with the nerft hammer? She was my first champion I bought. And at the time I bought her she was decent. Not GREAT but decent. Since then she seems to get a nerf every patch and now she is not playable.

    Can you answer me why riot thinks she needs such nerfs but champions like shaco and twitch are still in the top tiers?

    Evelyn needs a massive overhaul. the dodge removal was a system wide change that wasn't about her specifically.
  10. What are the problems that you are trying to fix by constantly tweaking Archangel's Staff?

    Um, making it good since it's an interesting item choice?
  11. What was the reasoning behind dropping the smite per level damage by ten?

    Slightly mitigates Ks cheese, and helps TT in general because dual smite is so good there.
  12. How do you plan to handle Queue Dodging in Season 1?

    In s1, I believe you get a leave and a loss. gratz....
  13. How do you feel balance-wise about Kog'maw?

    level 3 ult range is too much. Doesnt gain enough from AD. Otherwise fine.
  14. Can we expect Veigar not to fail at life before Season 1?

    90% of champion power is the skill of the user. To not fail at Veigar, first you must not fail at LoL, grasshopper.
  15. Anyhow- since every other gold item has received an item to build to- any news if philosopher stone will be able to build into anything? Perhaps a fusion with the sash or haunting guise?

    Also- any consideration put into Mordekaiser's ult? (hopefully it can't be cleansed)

    cleanse only drops CC soon if i recall correctly, and mord's ult is not CC.
  16. He has no escape mechanism, if anything his ult's range could do with a buff. Fail.

    Also, where is my Protoss Malzahar skin!?

    Blizzard's lawyers are about as powerful as Blizzard's game designers.
  17. True, however i can say with certainty that his ultimate in it's current state is weaker than his Baleful Strike untill level 11.

    Do you not find that to be a problem?

    Oh yeah, hes a little underpowered right now for sure. Shurelia will get around to it when she has time, other things are a little more pressing right this moment.
  18. How do you feel about the current state Shaco is in, do you feel he is balanced at the moment or were you hoping to nerf him further.

    Also, might as well try, what percentile am I in.

    I hate playing vs Shaco, but he's probably fair now. The things we changed should prevent him from easily soloing Nashor, and will make him a lot less cheezy vs dragon and while backdooring towers.
  19. where do you think the healing team strategy game from

There's also the fact that we DO nerf heinously OP mid-skill champions, like some of the changes we made to twitch long ago. if something is wrecking mid level play, we nerf.

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