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Artists Corner + General discussion...

Creator: Uproar February 25, 2014 12:54pm
<Altruistic Artist>
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Feb 9th, 2014
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I just have a few suggestions i'd like to 'raise' and see what everyone thinks.

To begin, i've been been here for almost two weeks now but i've been using MOBAfire for almost 2 years in my time as a League competitor since S2.

Now MOBAfire is not my first forum, i've owned & successfully ran a handful of my own as well as administrated, modded & designed over one of the largest communities next to W-BB. With that said my suggestions are things i'd like to see as well for personal preferences around the forum.

To begin a slightly different structure to the artist corner perhaps?

- Forum
--Sub Forum
--- Secondary Sub Forum
- Artist Corner; Post all new designs

-- Art Galleries; Place a single topic per user here for Galleries to provide a housing for there work.

-- Requests; Post requests where anyone can fill them
--- Completed Requests; Put all completed requests in this forum to keep it tidy

-- Design Shops; User owned stores where people can request designs from a particular individual.
--- Closed Down Shops; For users to locate old work they have requests from no longer active shops, also to keep the design shops section tidy

-- Resources
-- Helpful Guides & Tips

Fully aware this is a MOBA forum not a GFX Forum, but that should not stop the area having a structure to it. If at all plausible :)

If not a Stickied thread with the currently active Design shops would be nice, i did a little looking around and we have some talented artists around whose shops are lost because everyone clicks on the first 10 they see.

As for general discussion i'd like an area to introduce yourself.
It's always nice to be somewhat acquainted with your fellow peers in the community, upon joining i had no way of saying hello, asking some questions and getting a feeler out.
Even after all these years using forums i don't want to just go start introducing myself in any section and look like a fool or be mocked for the wrong area.

Just a couple of things.
<Retired Admin>
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Nov 7th, 2010
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We don't have subforum functionality, so it doesn't really work.

There used to be a thread stickied with a list of active artists but those become so outdated so easily, and only mods/admins can update another person's post, so it's difficult to keep up with this.

You can introduce yourself in "Community Games," I know it doesn't say introductions in the title but it says it in the description.

Thanks for the feedback and will keep it in mind. :)
Thanks to GrandMasterD for my sig!
<Altruistic Artist>
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Feb 9th, 2014
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No Subforum possibilities? Wow why is that :O

Thanks for your reply mowen, appreciated.
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Jul 3rd, 2011
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I had an artists list once :P

It never got too popular tho

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