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Can't verify my account

Creator: Fedeps15 January 4, 2014 1:02pm
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Jul 22nd, 2012
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im from LAS server and i cant verify my account..

Error: Connection has not been initialised yet at LibOfLegends.RPCService.Call[ResponderType](String destination, String operation, Responder`1 responder, Object[] arguments) in c:\dev\ccn\trunk\ElophantTrunk\ElophantTrunk\RPCService.cs:line 247 at LibOfLegends.RPCService.GetSummonerByNameInternal(Responder`1 responder, Object[] arguments) in c:\dev\ccn\trunk\ElophantTrunk\ElophantTrunk\RPCService.cs:line 253 at ElophantTrunk.InternalCallContext`1.Execute() in c:\dev\ccn\trunk\ElophantTrunk\ElophantTrunk\InternalCallContext.cs:line 34 at LibOfLegends.RPCService.GetSummonerByName(String name) in c:\dev\ccn\trunk\ElophantTrunk\ElophantTrunk\RPCService.cs:line 357 at ElophantInternalAPI.Program.ElophantInternalAPIService.Get(SummonerVerificationRequest request) in c:\dev\ccn\trunk\ElophantAPI\ElophantInternalAPI\Program.cs:line 2674 at ServiceStack.ServiceHost.ServiceRunner`1.Execute(IRequestContext requestContext, Object instance, TRequest request)
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Nov 7th, 2010
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An error happens when the service for that region is down (elophant service or Riot API). The one for LAS / LAN is unfortunately down a LOT, and the elophant service has been unstable for a while due to a few things.

Do this summoner search, and if your profile shows up, try to verify:

If it doesn't show up, check back later. It will usually only work if your profile shows up on elophant.
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