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Elo Division Badge falling off

Creator: Phoenix0000ff November 15, 2013 12:26pm

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Oct 15th, 2011
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So I logged into mobafire to talk to a friend yesterday and found that my Elo Division Badge fell off. I did not change my name or go though some type of editing process.

I'm still diamond in the preseason so I ask why did this happen?
Should I be mad?

If this is a thing why isn't this a sticky or something because I think some innocent folks that qued up with 4 people they didn't like for 200 games to get diamond might be awfully upset at this type of thing happening at the end of the season.


After further reading I found out why this problem came about and this thread is no longer needed. I still believe there should be a sticky to address this problem. It is pretty upsetting.
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Nov 7th, 2010
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Sorry for the inconvenience. Looks like your badge is still there for me (or it has fixed since you posted). We have been constantly improving the stability of the verification system but things keep changing or cropping up to throw us off our game, so a sticky would hopefully not be needed in the near future.
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