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Guide picture change?

Creator: Capn_Evan December 30, 2011 5:27am
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Jul 7th, 2011
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Hi! I'm currently making a guide on Shaco, which is unpublished at the moment. I made a mistake in the beginning of saving it without adding a build. Now there is only the Mobafire picture shown in the guide. Is there a way I can change it to display Shaco properly?
Check out my In-depth Shaco guide here! Who needs rep, when you got new messages? ^_^ PM me for anything, if just to chat ^_^ I'm always ready for conversations :)
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Dec 8th, 2009
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After you publish it it should update properly. Some things won't update while it's still just a revision. Will try to fix those but in the mean time, just trust that it'll work after you publish :)

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