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Creator: BarbJ January 23, 2013 1:44pm
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Sep 13th, 2011
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When you are working the guide editor, the "Guide Settings" menu that appears along the right hand side can float off the screen. When you drag a window in Windows 7 so that it auto fits to half the screen width (you can do it manually as well), the window obviously becomes narrower. The menu tries to shrink down to fit the smaller window. It doesn't completely fit however, the "publish" button is completely out of view. While it being out of view isn't a real problem, when I try to scroll the window to the right to put it into view, the menu floats to the right, essentially "staying in place" relative to the window. This means that no matter how I move the scroll bars, the menu is partially obscured.

Now this is just annoying to me, but it got me thinking. If the smaller window made the guide menu obscured, what would it mean if my resolution were lower? So I turned my resoltuion down, and even when the browser was to full screen mode the guide menu was obscured or even completely outside the viewing space. And because of its "floating" properties, I was unable to reach the menu at all by scrolling.

I fear this could be a potential problem for people trying to edit or create a guide on lower resolution monitors. Is there a way to make the menu "stick" to the side of the "guide" box?

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I have reported this to our dev team but they are quite busy with something at the moment so it might not get fixed for a while.
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