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I need help making a team on mobafire.

Creator: CubanWeasel June 10, 2014 2:34pm
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Jul 8th, 2013
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I have all of my team ready to play and i want to enter the upcoming tournament but im having difficulties making creating the team. Im not sure how to do team logo and team icon. And right now im inviting them to the team but they are not getting a pm about the invite. You can either reply here or add me in game and tell me how to do so. IGN: Cuban Weasel

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Nov 7th, 2010
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The team logo and team icon doesn't matter for signing up, just for making your page look better.

Are they registered to MOBAFire / did you be sure to put their MOBAFire account names in the invite box?

If you still need help you can always message Zacharu, he will make sure you get set up!

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