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Mobafire needs this to be brought to their...

Creator: dbug87 February 18, 2012 6:19pm
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Sep 8th, 2011
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Twice now I've created a guide and worked hard on it. It shows up properly, but I'd like to edit it. I go to the edit screen, and it shows all my chapters as blank. If I were to click save, as I made the mistake of doing before, It erases the entire text of the guide.

I have a Nautilus guide up right now that is totally unpolished, I went back to it just now and I'm experiencing this bug again. I can not edit my guide, because if I do, first off, I have to start over since the edit control panel is now blank. Also, editing it at this point would erase everything I've already done.

This is INCREDIBLY frustrating. It took me a good two hours to put all that together, and now, because of what I'm assuming is a website error, I have to start all over, or just leave it how it is right now- in a state I'm not satisfied with.

I thought maybe it was just my computer, so I cleared the web cache and also checked in on it on another computer, and it's the same thing.

Can we fix this please? I'm going to go ahead and start over on my Nautilus guide, but I'd really prefer to never have to do this again.
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Dec 8th, 2009
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That is very strange. Does this happen to anyone else? What browser are you using? Any add-ons? Do you have any script blockers or ad blockers?

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