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Random Downvoting Is getting annoying

Creator: Gandalfzer October 17, 2010 3:46pm
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Jul 28th, 2010
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Just started a mundo guide and already got a random downvote,

I was guessing a way to counter the down voters was that if you want to minus one you have to comment

and if this comment lets say 342352525dfgsgsg or something the build maker could report this user comment the admins of the website could ban this person all there builds and reverse the -1 just a idea
Gravefury's Forum Avatar
Jul 26th, 2010
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this has been posted a lot just deal with it. and 2 warmogs, prob why it has been downvoted
Restrictnine#5232's Forum Avatar
Jul 18th, 2010
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Talk about it there.
See, the dilemma is, people may not like your build, but are afraid to post for fear of redemption. You hate it when people downvote, as does everyone. Some people may think that vote wasnt deserved, and may revenge downvote.
Just a few things on your build: Mundo doesnt need heal. His ult is amazing for that. Also, crit runes are a little questionable if you dont build on it in the item build. Your build is decent, but you mix multiple builds together, and it doesnt work out. You need to commit. Pick tank or DPS, but not both. Mundo ult makes him naturally bulky. Just some suggestions.
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Feb 15th, 2010
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I suggest reading a bit on the forums before starting topic about a matter that is 835782 months old. srsly
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