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Ward Map Tool Update

Creator: MorePierogiVanya January 28, 2024 5:51pm
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May 14th, 2021
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Hello everyone,

I've been wanting to update my guide and I have to update the warding segment. However, I cannot find any maps out there to make ward placement showcasing as easy as with the old maps (there are plenty of websites that can help with that). I don't want to pick Jhin for an hour straight in practise tool to get zoomed out views, so I wanted to ask if the Ward Map tool by yours truly could be updated for the new map or rather, if an update is on the way, ideally before the contest ends!
<Lead Community Manager>
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Apr 15th, 2014
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Hey @ MorePierogiVanya!

We're still looking for an updated version of the map for Season 14, and when we finally find one we'll update our ward map. Sorry for the delay!

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